To Write Again

I started DaveWrites in 2006 and my local site, WestwoodBlog in 2008. Since then, I’ve spent more time participating in my community than writing, but I’ve decided to write again and share my thoughts and ideas about making things better. After tomorrow’s election, I hope I’ll be able to write about positive change, but either way, the problems and challenges people face in their lives are not going to go away because of who we elect for President.

I think the first place we need to start is “jobs,” and what that really means. It’s such a “politician topic,” so many buzzwords and assumptions–and very little substance about what is really going on in this country. In one of the debates, I wanted to ask the candidates, what job would you want for your son or daughter? When you are talking about “jobs” being taken away or lost, I get the feeling these are not the kind of jobs either of you would ever expect your kids to have. Trump, do you think when you stand up to China, are you going to be happy to have Ivanka going down to the Carrier plant to get a job on the assembly line? And is Chelsea going to be going door-to-door conducting energy efficiency assessments? I think we know the answer to that is no way.

The job you need in order to pay a mortgage on a small house in a quiet neighborhood in a town with great schools requires a higher pay grade. To have the kind of stability and American dream our parents had in the 1970s requires professional or entrepreneurial initiative. There is no friend at the plant who can get you a job anymore so you can work your shift and take home enough money to support a family. And there are not enough of those jobs for everyone to have.

More to come…

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  1. Hello Dave,

    You are so right (at least in my opinion) about the problems and challenges facing people in their lives. I assume that with or without the new president, we are all waking up on the next day trying to welcome the daily routine and have a better grip on the road.
    And what the hel* Trup does know how is the humanity doing out there….
    Have a good weekend!

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