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Advice to Unemployed

Career Arc

by Dave Atkins on August 3, 2010

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My career is a search for opportunities to use my talents to help make a difference in people’s lives. My resume does not adequately make that connection. Much of what I enjoy writing involves connecting the dots between related but nonlinear ideas, so today I apply that to my own story: I began with an […]


A number of people who are unemployed in Massachusetts and have lost their benefits due to situations with part-time employment, freelance income, and problems accepting or refusing employment have commented on my blog or sent me emails asking for help. I made some calls today and decided to post some information here in the hope […]


The fact is, when you are laid off, you can lose your health insurance immediately, despite the so-called protections of COBRA. The only thing COBRA does is entitle certain qualififying persons (most people who are laid off) the opportunity to continue their health insurance under the same group plan they were eligible for when they […]


My posts on unemployment in Massachusetts have drawn commentary here and attention from the media and government. A producer from WBUR called me last week to set up a panel discussion on Friday where I will join an economist and the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, Suzanne Bump to talk about the situation […]


After waiting on hold for 40 minutes, I obtained some answers to questions that I hope will clarify how unemployed people who have some temporary income can maintain uninterrupted health coverage under Massachusetts Medical Security Program (MSP). This is an update of my prior post on how the Medical Security Program coordinates with the Federal […]


Some Unconventional Interview Tips

by Dave Atkins on April 5, 2009

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Don’t let skills define you. This past Friday, at my Salty Legs Career Club, Stephen Balzac of 7StepsAhead presented what he has learned about how to “Interview for Success.” Steve did a particularly effective job illustrating how to avoid being trapped in debates about skills. It’s hard to convince an interviewer you have the best […]


I had the opportunity tonight to ask questions of our Governor and talked at length with the Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development afterwords. This clip from NECN features my questions and the responses:


Starting in March 2009, unemployed Massachusetts residents who qualify for premium assistance under the Medical Security Program by having a family income below the 400% Federal Poverty Guidelines level, will be able to continue their health insurance coverage through COBRA with a 93% subsidy. If the full cost of family coverage was $1300 according to […]


My “Stop Down” Story

by Dave Atkins on March 11, 2009

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I was asked to summarize my situation as a potential “human interest” story…so I wrote the following copy. Some of this is clearly redundant with previous blog posts… Dave Atkins is a veteran of the up and down world of start up companies. Prior to his current job, he worked in Silicon Valley during the […]


This economic downturn is different from 2002, especially in the tech/internet space because of how people are responding to it. I was speaking with a reporter from yesterday who was interviewing me about my layoff situation, and it struck me that perhaps my outlook is not uniquely optimistic, but shared by many others. I’m […]