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  • Age of Running

    I am in decent shape and am one of those people who tracks their activities on Garmin, Strava, etc. As a kid, I was not an athlete by anyone’s imagination. I struggled through the 600-yard “run-walk” that was required as part of the annual Presidential physical fitness test. But I started biking and running in […]

  • No Backup and Ready for the Big Chill

    Idealism will be tested on Saturday morning as an Arctic super-freeze is predicted to take our local temperature down to -8 degrees, and we will put our heat pumps to the test. These cold-weather heat pumps are supposed to maintain efficient heating down to -13 degrees. When we converted our home from an oil boiler […]

  • Saw the Comet

    (photo credit: Miguel Claro) The best telescope is the one you use. I noticed a news story about the green comet with the amazing photo I have attached here, and I have to laugh because that is not what I saw. Anyone who sees astrophotography images on websites and buys a telescope is in for […]

  • Return to blogging

    I wrote my first blog post in February 2005 about how much I hated my job and wanted a new one. It’s sad and ironic that while much has changed in 18 years, I find myself in a similar re-examination of my work life which comes up a bit short. But I am not going […]